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About Us

The Global Athletic League is an international typical competition for University students from all over the world. Bringing together athletes belonging to varied cultures and backgrounds, we are inspired and inclined to a fair and magical competition. Hosted in Kenya, the home of world athletics champions, we are hoping for the best competitor experience that will make competitors feel the sensation of training and racing in Kenya. We are envisioned to build a better World through Sports and kind competitive gestures.


Logistics and Travel Arrangements

It will always be our role to ensure that competitors and coaches encounter least distractions. Our league managers will facilitate all activities related to travelling including Airport pick-ups and drops, hotel bookings, and visa applications. We aim to help our participants to fully concentrate on the competition. We have made pre-travel arrangements for all the athletes to avoid any inconveniences that may affect the process. Additionally, we have provided contact addresses, for athletes that may need special support or additional materials. This special arrangement is aimed at any disabled athlete or technical staff in line with our diversity and inclusivity in this competition.


60,000 capacity stadium

The entire sports competition will take place at Kasarani; the largest stadium in Kenya. Our preference is on a strategic location that will be convenient for our athletes. The Kasarani Sports Center is ideal for indoor games because of its different arenas that hold a sizeable number of fans. Apart from its size, we settled on Kasarani because of its locality and proximity to some of the best hotels in Kenya. In addition, Kasarani is only 30 minutes from Kenya’s international Airports making it highly accessible.


The Depth of Diversity

We understand that the world is diverse, and characterized by people from different races, ethnicity, and religion. In this event, we have put in place measures to ensure that every participant is protected from any form of prejudice because of being different. We are committed to embrace every person regardless of their subjective difference. We will sensitize participants about our anti-discrimination position. Our aim is to ensure that everyone is embraced despite their difference. We will promote diversity and inclusivity to develop a global outlook of our league.


Awards and Gala dinner

When the league is over, we will have a special gala event. This event will particularly aim at appreciating your participation in the competition. The participants will have an opportunity to socialize with people from different countries. The spacious setting of the gala will accommodate all the players and their technical team members. In wrapping up the event, we will have speeches from both local and international guest speakers to offer some remarks about the event.

Only the disciplined ones in life are free. If you are undisciplined, you are a slave to your moods and your passions.

by Eliud Kipchoge

Our Games

Game PArk Safari

We have made measures to make this sporting event an all-around event. After the event, you will be provided with a special opportunity to see around the country. We have arranged a special tour at our National Park, which is famously known for being the only one in the capital city in the world and Giraffe center to see Giraffes and Crocodiles expedition. This simple tour will be a precedence of our major gala night

The Value of Participating in the Global Athletics League

Participating in the global sports league is highly beneficial to every institution and sports personalities especially for portfolio building and the advantage of putting your athletic career on the Global sports radar. Our primary motive is to bring athletes together, therefor promoting international relations and global integration. By participating in this sporting event in Kenya, you will get an opportunity to interact with some of the world lead marathoners. While most of you have watched Kipchoge and other marathoners on television, while in Kenya, you will get an opportunity to closely interact with them.

This close engagement will encourage you to boost your talent and learn how they made their achievement. Some of these top Kenyan athletes will share with you tips on how to become world athletes. Given that this will be the first time for some of you to be in Kenya, it will be a great opportunity for you to learn about our culture and interact with the local people. Remember, this event is just the beginning of a long-term engagement; you will be privileged to be among the pioneers of the league.



We really love what we do & our work on every project truly reflects that.
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